Queer? There's a history to that.

QueerTM aims to rasie awareness of all the of LGBTQIA+ community and it's history, acting as an educational resource as well as a clothing brand. We want to have everyone represented onto clothing in a range where slang or imagery is used to identifiy as well as direct words- whilst some folk may feel comfortable wearing a t-shirt that says 'Queer' not everyone will and we want to provide alternatives. 

We are building two resources, The Polari Project and the Queer Glossary for Allies and the Queer community. The Polari Project investigates queer slang and secret languages, such as Polari, a secret language used by gay men to evade authorities. If you want to learn a quick definition of a part of the LGBTQ+ community, the Queer Glossary is for you- and we're always adding to it to include everyone.

Each month 10% of our profits goes to queer charities. We also refresh our designs intermittently, so follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and subscribe for updates on our range!